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​We met Katie 18 months ago when we purchased my youngest daughter’s first pony. I could instantly see from the breif lesson she gave my daughter that she had a way with both horses and kids! From that day on we have never looked back. Katie has taken my 4 and 6 year old daughters from nervous beginners to confident little riders. Holly has gone from on lead to now off lead on a new pony and her confidence levels have increased immensely. This is all thanks to Katie’s ongoing teaching and her kind caring nature. Katie certainly has a way with horses and so much knowledge to share with her students (and their mums!). She has personally shown me so many things to help me get back into the show world, from show prep and training to riding at shows. She is a one stop shop! I would recommend Katie in a heartbeat to anyone. She is an amazing coach who is always there to help. about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Susie Bunt

Sydney, NSW

Katie has been my children's riding instructor since 2006. I first saw Katie riding approximately two years prior and was in awe of this young girl who just looked to be part of the beautiful pony she was working. I never forgot her; such was the impression she made on me that day and so, was thrilled to find her as a guest instructor at our pony club one day. It was there that I was able to finally meet her and engaged her to come and give my children some lessons, as they were hopeful of being chosen for the Zone's team of Four at Sydney Royal the following year.The rest as they say is history... Being chosen in our Zone's team of Four for the last three Royals has merely been the tip of the iceberg, as to what has been achieved under Katie's guidance. They have gone from pony clubbers to successful show and dressage competitors, with highlight such as Harry being Champion Boy Rider at Sydney Royal 2009 and Reserve Champion in 2013 and Champion Boy Rider Bathurst Royal 2013 and placing in the top ten at the Grand National in 2010 and 2012. Katie's amazing achievements can not only be limited to what she has done with my children as riders , the work she has done with our ponies, has been equally wonderful. Under her training our Welsh pony has qualified for the Grand National in both 2009 and 2010, he has placed at every Royal he has competed in and he has been Runner Up Small Show Hunter Pony of the Year..to name a few of his achievements. Similarly our other ponies have achieved many Championship titles, qualified and placed at Royals and are also proving to be successful competitors in the dressage arena.Katie has an amazing gift with horses and she is able to impart her incredible depth of knowledge with her students in a way that they can easily relate to, thus enabling them to develop as riders while also developing a better relationship with their horse. I could not recommend her more highly as an instructor or trainer for your horse. She is a delightful young lady who is honest, reliable and hard working as well as amazingly talented.

Melea Rainnie, mother of student Harry Rainnie

Sydney, NSW

Having recently moved to the country I was looking for someone who could help teach my children aged 3 & 5 to learn to ride, as well as myself, in terms of handling our new and very young pony on the ground. Katie was recommended to me by a number of people and she started teaching my twochildren in November 2010.Since starting with Katie my children have passionately embraced riding. Her dedication and commitment to transferring her knowledge of horsemanship is outstanding and we are gaining a solid foundation as Katie ensures the right blend of learning, fun and confidence building; with a focus on safety at all times.Katie is an exceptional role model and has actively taught us much more than I expected. So far she has introduced us to ‘showing’, has provided invaluable advice in terms of horse/rider suitability and has given us a great start back into working with horses. She demonstrates commitment in everything she does from teaching to riding, and having seen Katie ride extremely young horses that she has trained, I am in awe of her skill and presence.As a result of Katie’'s tuition my little girl has transformed from a shy nervous rider to one that is growing in confidence every day and relishes her time with Katie. The ribbons she has won at shows take pride of place in her room! I highly recommend Katie as someone who is committed, trust worthy, extremely knowledgeable and is a true professional in every way. I have no doubt her career from both a teaching and competing perspective will continue to rise in the future.

Jane Walker, mother of students Ethan and Mia Walker

Sydney, NSW

I  am very happy to recommend Katie Kelly as a rider and trainer. Katie has ridden several of our Welsh ponies on a regular basis, providing expert training for both newly broken youngsters and older ponies being introduced to their first season in the dressage arena and show ring. Whether it be training at home, displaying ponies for potential buyers, or exhibiting at top level shows, Katie always does a fantastic job. Her experience, knowledge and gentle but firm approach enable her to bring out the best in every pony she rides. Very professional and polite, Katie always puts in 100% effort with outstanding results.

Jane Bramley, Bellingara Welsh Pony Stud

Sydney, NSW

I  first met Katie Kelly at the beginning of 2009, after she was recommended to me by a leading riding pony stud, for retraining of my daughter's Welsh pony Elvis. I was so impressed with Katie that we continued to have instruction lessons with her. Teleah’s first year of showing was in 2010 where she was unbeaten in her age group riding classes both at shows and pony club. At pony club, Teleah and Elvis were so successful that our Zone promoted her to the over 10 age group for competition at 8yrs of age. In the few years we have been with Katie, Teleah has improved out of sight from a beginner rider out of Pony Club to winning many Royal Championships, many National Breed Championships - Riding Pony/Welsh/Arabian/ASP, Runner Up State Pony Club Show Riding from 54 riders, Champion Rider at Grand National Qualifiers, Several wins and Championships at Barastoc Horse Of The Year in Victoria, Dressage Championships wins upto 75%, winner PC Rider at Canberra and Sydney Royals, countless champions and supreme’s at Ag shows, pony club gymkhanas, State level events, and has competed at three Grand Nationals. Katie is an honest, reliable, humble lady that possesses the skill that produces the harmony between horse and rider, not only does she have the skill and knowledge to train ponies to a high standard but also has the patience and beautiful placid nature to converse well with her students and just as importantly, their parents. I know Katie has many wonderful accomplishments in her riding/training career as an EFA rider, show rider, dressage rider and horse trainer and see more wonderful accolades for her in the future as she is deserving of any good things that may come her way. We truly feel blessed to have her in our lives and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Tara Lindsay, mother of student Teleah Lindsay

Sydney, NSW

We found Katie about 18 months ago when we needed help with our riding pony.  I first approached Katie for help, because of her background and knowledge of horses, but particularly her experience with training and educating ponies.


Katie and my daugter have transformed our pony from a difficult green pony to a well mannered, quiet and enjoyable show pony that is now consistently winning in open shows. Not only has Katie helped transform our pony, but she has equipped my daughter with the skills and confidence to respond to and correct any behavioual problems in a gentle and caring manner.


Katie is not only a kind and compassionate instructor and horse woman, she is an excellent role model for young riders.  Every lesson is a great learning experience and always enjoyable.


Without Katie I am not sure my daughter would still be riding, let alone the fate of the pony.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Katie as an instructor for any rider.

Lisa Blanche, mother of student Callie Blanche

Sydney, NSW

We first met Katie when we bought a pony, Rusty, from the Phillips family. Rusty had been having lessons with Katie for some time. My daughter Lara had a couple of lessons on Rusty with Katie before we bought him. We loved the way Rusty went and Katie was so kind and encouraging, and gave such clear and effective instructions. Rusty has been a great pony for us!


We were so impressed with Katie and Rusty that when my other daughter Aulikki’s young welsh cob Nawarrah Park Horatio was ready to be broken in, we contacted Katie to see if she would take him for a few weeks after his initial breaking. Horatio was broken in by a well respected campdrafter as we live on a property and needed him to be good to ride in the open with cattle and kangaroos etc and able to negotiate gullies and gates. We also wanted to do dressage, showing and general pony club activities with him and hoped Katie could start him off down this path. We had to delay taking him to Katie’s for a week because of fires, then, when he arrived, it rained non-stop for weeks. Despite this Katie managed to set Horatio’s education in the right direction and we were amazed with how she had him going when we picked him up. We were thrilled with the Horatio that came back to us and my daughter felt confident from the start riding him!!


Katie kept us constantly updated with Horatio’s progress. We particularly appreciated the daily photos (phone to phone) – they were the highlight of our day and we could see the progress being made on a day to day basis. We would not hesitate to send another horse to Katie for a similar start to its education. Katie was always a pleasure to deal with and very professional. Our only regret is that we live too far away to have regular lessonsI'

Penny Laver, owner of Nawarrah Park Horatio

Sydney, NSW

We first met Katie in about October 2013 when we were looking for a trainer for our Australian Pony. We had bred this pony and she was very special to us. My daughters had started her under saddle at home but we did not have the skills or knowledge to educate a green pony. Luie had never been off our property so we were not sure how she would react to the experience.


Sending Luie to Katie’s was an overwhelming adjustment for her, but Katie very quickly gained her trust. During the six weeks, Katie had transformed our Luie into an obedient, trusting and stunning looking pony who is eager to please, very willing to work and confident to go out on her own and try new things. Katie had her moving beautifully over the walk, trot and canter and responding well to aids.


Every day we received text messages, photos and video clips of her progress and Katie always had time to answer our questions or chat. We were extremely pleased with the love, care and pampering that Luie was given while she was away!


Since we brought Luie back home, Katie has followed up with her progress and provided advice, lessons and ongoing support. We are so pleased with the attitude our pony has, her manners, and that she is always trying her best for us at home or in the ring/arena.


We are looking forward to a promising 2014 for Luie and we are eternally thankful to Katie and her team for getting us off to a very good start. We will definitely be looking forward to ongoing lessons with Katie to ensure Luie reaches her full potential. 

Kate Wilson, owner of Luie

Sydney, NSW

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